Monday, March 28, 2011

“You have reached the Sisters of the Skirt; Please leave your message after the translation.”

It's fun to be in areas after my MTC hermanas because we always find funny stuff they did. Well, just stuff they did most of the time. Like Hna. Tingey's scriptures all over the walls, Hna. Seegmiller's to-do lists, and the title of my email. Hna. Seegmiller was with a Chilean companion and they decided to leave that on the voice mail box (as the answering machine). So first Hna. Abarzua said that line, and then Hna. Seegmiller said it in spanish. The members all think it's hilarious. Everyone loved Hna. Seegmiller and Tingey, I hope they love me, too!
We had a good week with LOTS of walking. The area is small, but we're trying to find new investigators so that means walking around a lot and not so much teaching... But we're having a good time and Hna. Clark are keeping each other entertained.
This week we had lunch with President Detlefsen and all the new missionaries. It was really fun to see them all, even if there weren't any Hermanas. And apparently president is going to remind me every week exactly how much time I have left because he wants me to feel like doom is eminent and that I need to work harder and harder. He's a good guy.
Yesterday our old-man investigator, Alfredo, went to church with us.  He's great and he's going to get baptized on April 30th. He's been really lonely for a long time (his wife died a few years ago and they never had any children) and he really loves going to church and now nice everyone is. He also loves to read the Book of Mormon because it helps him feel better.
Another investigator, Marcelo, is getting married in July! He lives with a woman who has started re-activating. We had a lesson with them this week about the importance of goals and how if she wants him to know if the Book of Mormon is true, he needs to be able to show Heavenly Father he's willing to get baptized. And he can show he's willing to get baptized by having a baptismal date. And in order to have a baptismal date, they need to have a marriage date! Marcelo was always fine with getting married, but Eli didn't want to because she wanted him to stop smoking first. He's making great progress with that and now they're getting the wedding planned for July! So I'll have that baptism right before I go home--a reason to keep working hard!!!
I'm having a really great time here. Even though it's hard sometimes, I know this is the Lord's work. I know that everything I learn here is something He wants me to learn that will make my life better and help me grow as one of His children. I love this gospel. It is truly the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know because I've read it and I've asked Him. The truth is there for those who dilligently seek it, and so many people are looking!

I love you all!

Hna. LaPray

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