Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trunky papers!

Man, just the name of those papers makes me trunky. They got here on Tuesday to tell me that I have go to home on July 26th. Scary, huh? So I need to know the names of our Bishop and Stake President. Because I´m a bad ward member and I don´t even know those things... So just let me know!

This week was not so great... Luckily the results of the studies we did get back on Tuesday (tomorrow) and I go to the doctor on Wednesday and they can get rid of whatever I have in my stomach. But we did get a couple good lessons in, including one with Lidia, our new investigator. She now has a baptismal date for March 26th and we´re really excited for her! She just moved here from a smaller city outside Mar del Plata and she´s staying with a member family. The mom of this family invited her to church and the relief society activities and she´s really just jumped on board with everything. All she needs now is to go through the water! We´re actually going to try to push her baptism up a couple of weeks...

We also had an incredible lesson with Cecilia (our recent convert) and an investigator from another ward. We went over to Cecilia´s house for lunch and there was another woman there, who apparently she had just met. She´s a friend of a friend´s sister´s brother´s... I don´t know, something complicated like that, haha. But this woman (Soledad) mentioned that she had just gone to church and Cecilia said that she had just gotten baptized, and that there was no way they met on accident. So Cecilia had talked to her a lot about church before we got there and then we had a great lesson about faith. Unfortunately, her landlord is kicking her family out of her house so they have to move, but she might move into our ward and we can baptize her!

We´re just having a good time here in Argentina. It´s been cooling down and the kids started school again today. People are getting home from vacation and stopping their summer jobs, so there will be tons of people at home for us to teach now :)

Thanks for all the prayers and support. Tell Andrew I´m proud of him and try to get me his emails. Does he leave for Guatemala soon to finish the MTC there?

Have a great week!

Hna. LaPray

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