Monday, March 7, 2011

Lactose intoler-WHAT???

            So for those of you who haven´t heard, they´re thinking I have a food allergy. Either to lactose or gluten. When the doctor mentioned lactose I wondered how I will live when I get home--no more Reed´s Dairy??? I can´t imagine life without milk (I usually drank 2 gallons a week). Life without gluten would be hard, too, especially in Argentina. EVERYTHING they eat has wheat in it. Bread, pasta, tarta...
more bread and more pasta... empanadas... more bread. Just a lot of gluten. So either of those would really explain all the stomach pain.  We´re closer to the end of the studies... but still so far away.
Things just take a long time here.
But this week has been great. We´re focusing less on contacts (the big push for my entire mission so far) and focusing more on references from EVERYONE. We found some good new investigators this week and we´re really trying to make sure we get members to their houses and to get them to church.
A family in the ward brought a friend to church and at the end of sacrament meeting she said, "Me voy a bautizar en esta iglesia" (I´m going to get baptized in this church). So that´s pretty exciting, right? haha, we are so excited! We´re going to see her and start teaching her on Thursday. It will be hard, though, because apparently her husband is a "very bad man" who hates ALL missionaries and even puppies (according to a crazy old woman in our ward). But I´m sure her husband will see the changes in her and want to know more... we´ll pray for him. A lot.
We had a very interesting lesson yesterday with our 80-year-old investigator, Juana, and that crazy old woman in our ward. Hna. Prieto kept calling her Ramona and insisted on ALWAYS talking about the Book of Mormon (during every part of the lesson) and then told the ENTIRE story of how Joseph Smith translated it. We don´t usually talk about all of that when we teach the Restoration, but it turned out alright.
Juana loved her because she´s crazy and talks a lot and she didn´t really even understand anything she said anyway. This old woman member also gave us fruit juice concentrate to drink. It was really gross... I got mine done fast but Hna. Collette had a little more trouble, ahahah. Hna. Prieto saw I was done and asked if I wanted more so I said, "NO! NO THANKS! I´M FINE!!!!" It was a close one... And everything else we ate that day was VERY sugary... haha. We just love the crazy old church members...
We´re working on planning a ward FHE this week and it´s going to be AMAZING. I will send pictures some day of all these things that are happening, I promise.
We´re still having a good time here in Puerto, teaching all the stray dogs. And sometimes the people. I love this work and I´m so glad I get to be a missionary. And I can´t wait until we find out what I´m allergic to and we can work even harder! I know that the Lord directs this work, because as I´ve been sick we have seen even more miracles.  Someone is helping us and making up for what we can´t do. And I know that I am being strengthened in the moments that I need it most. I know the Church is true. I know the gospel and priesthood power were restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and love us, and there is a reason for everything that happens in the world. Even when life isn´t perfect.
Heavenly Father answers our prayers, even when it´s not the answer we want. He knows what´s best for us. This is His plan and I´m so grateful for my knowledge of it. I´m grateful for the Book of Mormon to teach me these things, I know it´s the word of God and that it has a special power to help us in our lives.
I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week.
Hermana LaPray

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