Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy birthday to......

September 29, 2010

Happy birthday to…..

Sam! Happy birthday to that little cousin of mine! Tell him to go on another lawnmower ride with my dad (Mom will appreciate it). Then maybe he can do a few more chores with him... like wash the dishes, mop the floors. As long as he´s with Uncle Brad he´ll do it, right???

It´s been a week with lots of walking here. Our area is HUGE (pretty much half of Bahía) and it just so happens that all of the people who talk to us live in opposite corners of the area, or so it seems. And it´s been getting warmer. I´m really glad I brought the bladder for my backpack... Us missionaries from the frozen north aren´t used to these humid Argentine springtimes. It´s also been really sunny, and I´m starting to get the funny missionary tan lines. And you should all know how I love the funny feet lines (remember my Chacos?) and I just think you should know that I´m getting the lines again, but this time in the shape of a proselyting shoe. Don´t worry, I´ll send pictures in a little bit because I know you´re all just dying to see.

This past weekend we had a service activity cleaning the Parque de Mayo. And I´ve gotta say, the people here really need me to teach them the Word of Wisdom... I think I filled at least 3 large garbage bags with cigarette butts and broken beer bottles. But now, thanks to the Mormons, the park is cleaner (and safer, less glass to cut your feet on!). The Bishop thought it was really funny that my companion and I were there in pants and he kept taking pictures saying, "You can send these to your family to show them that you´re actually doing something here!" So I guess it´s kind of sad that the Bishop doesn´t think we´re doing anything... haha. But it was a fun activity and afterwards we all drank mate (meaning they drank mate and my comp and I drank water) and talked for a little.

Also this weekend we visited an inactive old man. Turns out he´s actually quite crazy. But he read our palms, so that was cool. I´m going to get married twice, have 2 kids, and have a lot of money.

Transfers are this Sunday. Conference this weekend!!!! I´m so excited to listen! Hopefully I have more exciting stuff to write next week.

Hna. LaPray

P.S. We´re visiting Magalí and Martín tonight to change their baptismal date!

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