Monday, October 18, 2010

Another week of P-days!!!

October 18, 2010

Another week of P-days!!!

Hermana Wilding got her gall bladder out! And I got to see it! It was kind of like a dis-inflated balloon and it did have little stones inside it... just a little bigger than a grain of sand. Funny how such tiny things can cause such terrible pain... but now she´s recovering and I´m acting as her maid. The mission president and his wife came up to be with us for the surgery, so it was fun to get to know them for the day while they were my companions. I still say that President is crazy (but funny). He just tells jokes all the time and scares Hna. Wilding about her surgery... haha. And then he discovered that I brought wheat crackers to the hospital in case I got hungry and he keeps making fun of me for that... His wife is pretty much the opposite. She´s very calm and serious but she talks a LOT. But she loves us and we love her. So we had a fun-filled day in the hospital.
It was interesting contacting people with the mission president as my companion... He´s really great at talking to people and being friendly and getting them to trust him. I need to be more like that...
That night, I went to sleep with the other Hermanas in Mar del Plata, which means that I stayed with Hermana Tingey! She was in my district in the MTC so we had a good time catching up about everything that´s happened since then. It was a very missionary-like sleepover. At about 9:30 we started talking about investigators and what teaching methods we could use and we were all out by 10:30. My life is very funny, haha.
Then on Saturday some youth from the ward came over to help us. One of the girls stayed with Hermana Wilding in the house (she was on bed rest) and the other came with me to teach a lesson about the Holy Ghost to two convert girls who were getting confirmed the next day. Their grandma, Aurelia, was there for the lesson, too and we really felt the spirit, and tried to help her understand that she could feel that same spirit ALWAYS after receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I wasn´t really sure how effective the lesson was in the end, though, because she´s very shy and doesn´t know me that well, but she was there for all of church the next day, which apparently doesn´t happen very often. So tomorrow we´re going to walk the block to her house to invite her to get baptized. I´m feeling really good about her and we´re both excited!
Other than that, I´ve been in the house cooking and cleaning and taking care of my companion. I´m studying a lot... and I decided to learn to juggle. I started a little in Tandil, but I didn´t keep it up and just now I´ve decided to try again. It´s frustrating, but I can do it! Maybe in my homecoming talk I´ll juggle for everyone :) Good thing I still have a LOT of time to learn!
Thanks for all the love and support! I´m praying for you!
Hna. LaPray

P.S. What is a carbuncle? That word is in the Book of Mormon... we looked it up in Spanish (because sometimes the translation helps with the definition) but we don´t know what a "carbĂșnculo" is, either...

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