Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy P-week!

October 11, 2010

Happy P-week!

So this week I have been celebrating something I like to call "P-week". Because every day except Tuesday has been like P-day! I got here on Monday REALLY early in the morning, so we slept for a couple hours. We worked Monday afternoon and Tuesday, but then Wednesday was P-day. Thursday we had planning and district meeting, then we stayed home the rest of the day because Hermana Wilding wasn´t feeling well... The same with Friday, then Saturday, and then Sunday we went to church and came home to rest after... and now they changed P-day to Monday, so it´s like I really AM on vacation! Don´t worry, I´ve been getting a lot of personal study time. I think I´ve read every Ensign released since 1985... and an Elder in Olivarria was getting the Friend and New Era from his family and when he was done, he passed them on to Hna. Wilding, so I´ve read all of those, too. And I´m working on Jesus the Christ, the Doctrine and Covenants, the Book of Mormon, and the Old Testament. So we decided she really has these stones in her gall bladder because we´re going to find a really tough investigator soon and I´m going to need to have the scriptures MEMORIZED. But "fortunately" she thinks she passed another stone, so the surgeon feels like this is a little more of a critical situation and she´s going to have an emergency surgery sometime this week (Thursday, Friday or Saturday). So we´re excited for that!
The mission has been changing a lot of stuff since Elder Aidukaitis came (and apparently he´s coming again in the end of the transfer) and recently they changed what we can and can´t do on P-day. We´re thinking it might be helpful for the messy Elders, but we´re just confused. This morning, we cleaned the entire house, did all our laundry, and wrote all the letters we needed to, but we were still done before 1 pm. With the new rules, we can´t go sight-seeing around our area because President wants us to focus on those things that we... already did in the morning. So we just weren´t sure what to do for the next 4 hours of P-day and decided we just needed less free time, hahaha.
We do have one great investigator here that I´ve met so far. Her name is Iara and she´s 12 years old. Her mom is a recently-reactivated member and... we´ll find some way to work with her dad who is not a member of the Church and, for now, not interested. But the other Hermanas have been working with her reading and praying and she´s had a couple falled baptismal dates, so for now we´re deciding to focus on her testimony and once she really knows the Book of Mormon is true, we´ll try to get her baptized in the end of October. But she´s really great and Hermana Wilding says that she has had a LOT of personal growth and the gospel has really changed and helped her, so we know she´s ready to get baptized. Now just she needs to know that she´s ready. She´ll know soon :)
I love you all. Congrats, Andrew, on Guatemala! Secretly, that´s where I really wanted to go. I have a couple friends who served there--I gave their names to my dad, so ask him about that. You´re going to love the mission and the people. I know you didn´t ask for any words of advice, but I´m going to give some anyway. :) JUST BE OBEDIENT. It will eliminate more problems than you can imagine and you can be an example to MANY more people. And the Lord can "unlock the windows of heaven" to give you blessings and help His children! ¡Obediencia es la clave!

Until next week,
Hna. LaPray

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