Monday, June 6, 2011


June 6, 2011

No, not the chips. You have to say it with a Spanish accent. That´s the little town I went to this week to go on divisions with Hermana Villegas (a Chilean who I started with). hna. Tingey came here to La Falda and I headed out to Cnel. Pringles. It reminded me a lot of my first area, really small town and really receptive people. I enjoyed my time with Hna. Villegas and at the end Hna. Alston and Tingey came out and I went with Hna. Tingey and taught some lessons and took some cheesy missionary pictures. It was so energizing to get out and see another area and learn from another companion.
Transfers are this Sunday, but I don´t think there will be any changes. I´m just going to die (in missionary talk, finish the mission, haha) here in La Falda with Hermana Alston. But I´m excited, I really like the people in this area.
We´re really picking up with the work now. For some reason, people have decided to listen to us now and we´re teaching lessons and we have a new baptismal date with Vanesa! Hopefully we can get her baptized on the 25th, but she still needs to get married. They both want to get married, but it´s more of an idea they have up in the air.  We want to get them to go with us this week to the civil registry to get an appointment to get married!!! Make it less of an idea and more of an ACTION. But people usually have to wait about a month to get a time slot for the marriage so we might have to put her baptismal date in July... but hopefully we can have a miracle, that would be nice.
We should be having the baptism of Martina, the daughter of the less-active family, on the 25th, though. Her dad has decided that he wants his kids to know more before they get baptized, but tonight´s lesson should show that they know plenty and baptism is really important so they need it NOW! Their dad is also a bit prideful and admits it... so hopefully we can get her baptized soon too!
The family we were supposed to teach changed our appointment from last week to today... hopefully they´re there! I´m sure it´s going to be a great lesson and they´re going to accept what we teach.
Now that I´m approaching my last transfer, President has stopped reminding me how much time I have left. And I´m starting to feel it more. This transfer (last 6 weeks) has gone by WAY too fast so I´m hoping this next one slows down... I still have a lot of work to do and 6 weeks is not enough time!
We´re still in the mission home. They say repairs should be done next week-ish and we´ll be back in our apartamentito. I´ll be glad to be back closer to our area!
Sorry this letter is kind of scattered today, my thoughts are kind of scattered. We have an appointment in 10 minutes so we have to get out of here!!!

But I still love you all, haha

Hermana LaPray

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