Monday, June 6, 2011

What's the difference between a pony and Hermana LaPray?

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May 30, 2011
What’s the difference between a pony and Hermana LaPray?
One´s a little HOARSE (or little horse...)

Good one, right? I´m sure you´re all laughing your heads off. I remember I read that joke once in a joke book when I was 10 or something. Anyway, I had the blessing this week of experiencing strep throat. And then the medicine the doctor prescribed me had lactose in it. We´ve had quite the adventure this week, hahaha. So now I´ve finally changed my anti-biotic and my throat is feeling better. Ok so it hurts a little more because I was off the first anti-biotic for 2 days when we discovered it was the cause of my stomach pain but today we got the new medicine and I´m sure it will start to feel better again, haha.

But other than that, it was a great week. We had a great district baptism (ok so the Elders in our district had a big baptism together, the guy we were going to baptize has disappeared...) on Saturday and it was great to see the entire front row of the chapel filled with people dressed in white. I just love baptisms! Then we did a musical number (except I didn´t sing because I had strep throat) and it was great! So basically it just seems like everyone wants to do great things and just leave me out... Just kidding.

We now have a baptismal date with the daughters of our re-activating family. Martina and Julieta will be getting baptized on June 25th and we´re very excited for them! They are wonderful, beautiful little girls and they really want to get baptized! Now we just need to work more with their dad to help him stop smoking and get ready to baptize them.

We also have an appointment with a great family tomorrow. We found them knocking doors. The wife and kids are ex-investigators but the husband didn´t like the young men that kept coming over to visit his wife and kicked them out and threatened them and told them to never come back. So they never went back. But we knocked on their door and we´re girls so we´re allowed in :) They´re really great people and we really want them to progress! They´re members of some sort of reformed Catholic church that´s a little bit more like ours, but they don´t even really believe in that church. The husband is "looking for God"
and the wife is "looking for His church." It´s almost one of those stories that´s too good to be true...

We´re excited to keep working hard and knock on more doors like that one. People NEED this gospel. I really love the quote underneath the pictures of the Sacred Grove and I´ve been thinking about that phrase a lot this past week. "What happened here changed the world. Let it change your life." God has restored His church on the earth. His authority. The authority to bind things on earth AND in heaven (Matt.16:19). I know the restoration is real and that families are forever.

Let the gospel change your lives.

I love you all!

Hermana LaPray

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