Monday, June 13, 2011

It's the final transfer!

June 13, 2011
(Sing that out loud with the tune to final countdown, it makes the mission a lot more epic that way)
So we had a great week in La Falda, and then Friday afternoon our district leader called and said "Hermanas LaPray and Alston, you´re going together to Villa Floresta." This particular elder (Elder Hatch, mom) likes to make lots of funny jokes... so I told him "Funny joke, elder" and eventually he convinced me (after I called the zone leaders to confirm) that we really were being transferred... yikes! So Sunday afternoon the office elders got us in the mission van and moved us to the other side of Bahia. I was so sad!!! I was really ready to die (end the mission :) there in La Falda! But oh well, we´re here in Villa Floresta now, in a gigantic WARD and we´re excited to work hard.
We already have a baptism lined up on July 23rd. A man who needs to get married (his wife recently reactivated) and then he´s getting baptized and then he´s going to baptize his son! We´re going to have a family night with them tonight and we´re going to put nails in stuff and talk about repentance. Maybe we´ll nail some holes in their door, just to show them how mad we are to be here. Ok maybe not... but we´ll let you know if we hurt anyone in next week´s letter.

Well, not really anything else to report on for now... Today is the first day of my last transfer and I´m pretty nervous, but I´m going to work hard!

Thanks for all your love and support!

Hermana LaPray

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