Monday, June 27, 2011

President Arnold

June 27, 2011
So the visit from president Arnold went surprisingly very well and I didn´t even have nightmares after. Even though I was sitting right up front next to his wife and I had to stand up in front of everybody like 7 billion times to answer questions or read scriptures or write on the board... he focused a lot on planning (weekly and daily) and really relying on the Lord to guide us in it. He also talked about "keeping your line in the water" and always sharing the gospel with someone. We should ALWAYS be talking with people and we should never waste the Lord´s time. It was a really great conference and President Arnold is a very inspired man. He truly is a representative of Jesus Christ on the earth.

This week has been same-old normal stuff, teaching, walking, contacting, walking, eating, walking, teaching, walking, giant dogs, walking, walking, contacting, walking, eating, and walking. Our area is HUGE and we´re finally getting everything figured out and organizing our work well to stay in the same area all day. We´re finding lots of people to teach and this week we found some who might even progress!

Last night we were teaching the husband of an hermana from the ward and he just kept saying "it´s not my time to get baptized." He´s been to church a lot of times and he´s read the Book of Mormon and he always supports his family in going to church. I felt like we should go over the baptismal interview questions with him, so that´s what we did. As we went through, he realized that he really is ready and that he wants to promise the Lord that he´ll follow Him. It´s tricky, because yesterday was the first Sunday in 3 months that he´s been home because he´s a trucker, but we have a lot of faith that we can get him baptized. He´s a wonderful person and he really wants to be with his family forever. Hopefully he´ll have another Sunday here before I go home :)

There are people like him all over the world who are ready for baptism and need it, but they just need someone to help them realize it. Share the gospel with your friends. You never know whose life you´re going to change.

I love you all, and I´m excited to see you (but not too excited...)

Hermana LaPray

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