Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Montanas rusas

Montanas rusas
It's been such a rollercoaster here--and you know how I don't like rollercoasters. We have lots of people progressing, then they all disappear, then we find more people who progress, and then they all disappear. Right now we're stuck her sin nada. Well, we have the little recently activated girls who are getting baptized on June 18th, but all the other investigators have kind of fallen away. But we've been in that sector of our area for a long time now and we're going to move on to another sector. Find new people, learn new streets and baptize tons of people! I'm really ready for a little change of pace and new faces. A fresh start!

So this week was kind of mas o menos and at the end of the week we were just very tired with not very many numbers (which is what our leaders are always looking for). And we didn't even get to meet president Arnold! I guess he techinically had his stuff in our house Saturday and Sunday but we were busy doing missionary stuff and he was busy doing Area President stuff and we never even got to see him! But he's coming for zone conference in July so I'm sure he'll be in the mission home then, too.

Zone conference was amazing. President talked about the atonement and how it works in our lives and how to help others to let it work in their lives. He also talked about  working more with the members--but more that we just help the members (like we have to walk around at church to meet all the investigators they bring and we're tired of filling up the baptismal font because it just takes too long). So this Sunday (on the 5th sunday) we're putting together a special class for our branch to map out our goals and show them how they can help us and show them a little more how they can do it. And tomorrow night we have a branch activity, so hopefully there will be some future investigators there for us to meet.

We also got to sing in a baptism for another branch on Saturday. My companion and I both sing so President Detlefsen sent us over, haha.
But I love going to baptisms and we got free food, so it was pretty great.

I've also been eating mandarinas (kind of like clementines) like the world ends tomorrow--but then Saturday came and the world didn't end and there I was just stuffed full of mandarinas. Too bad that evangelical guy was wrong. Now I'm all out of mandarinas.

And I would just like to say hi to Sister Orton, your daughter told me that you read my blog and that you love my mom because she's the only one from the missionary mom website that answers your emails. Whenever the elders ask us how our moms know each other and we say, "missionarymom.com" they just kind of groan a little bit. You know, that pained kind of groan that teenage boys sometimes do. But anyway, I hope you enjoy my letters home, haha :)

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Thanks for the prayers and letters and support.

Hermana La Playstation

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