Tuesday, May 3, 2011

more transfers, one hermana "dead"

These transfers were CRAZY! We didn´t get time to write yesterday because Hermana Olsen was DYING. So we sent her home. It was really weird because now I´m in the next group of hermanas to go--but I´m just not going to think about that and work hard!

We´re doing GREAT with Walter--he hasn´t smoked since Tuesday and he loves how his lungs feel. He´s really excited for his baptism next Saturday. He´s a funny guy, he makes fun of me a lot (especially lately because I lost our cell phone... yeah... don´t judge me
please...) and always reminds me not to forget my shoes or anything like that.

The daughters of the Helmer family went to church on Sunday (they´re an inactive family with baptism-age girls). The parents didn´t go because their little boy was sick, but they´re excited to come this Sunday. We´re waiting on a baptismal date for them because our branch president is going to put a goal with their dad for HIM to be able to baptize them, and then hopefully they´ll be going to the temple at the end of the year!!! We´re so excited for them.

Oh and there´s more big news: We now live in the richest neighborhood in Bahía Blanca, Palihue. We live with President Detlefsen´s family.
Our house is currently being torn apart because the foundation was collapsing from underneath us and I guess that´s a bad thing. Now we live in the NICEST house and they give us food all the time and they have central heat and soft mattresses... I´m hoping these construction workers take 3 months to finish our house :) haha

Anyway, I´m so grateful that I can be a missionary right here, right now. They changed our zones to get ready for the third stake here in Bahía. We´ll be part of the "new" stake and it really helps us have more of a vision of what we´re working towards. This work is so great!!! The Lord is helping us so much right now, and I´m really grateful because I really need it.

Well, I´ve got to go now, but I´m excited to talk on Sunday :) If some old man answers speaking Spanish just ask, "está Hermana LaPray?" and hopefully I´ll be there, haha. You better not be trunky when you call me! And make a list of things to ask me, because I don´t know what to talk about. I don´t even speak English any more!

Hermana LaPray

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