Monday, April 25, 2011

Hasta la vista, baby

Our ward mission leader told us that one day this week... we then explained that he can't say that to sister missionaries. It was still really funny.

We had a great week! We found a lot of new investigators, and some are progressing! Alberto was investigating the church a few years ago and became really good friends with the Elders who taught him. At that time he felt like he had to start studying before making any decisions (like that was the answer to his prayer) so he stopped going to church. My companion found him knocking doors (we were on divisions) and he accepted a baptism date (as a goal) for May 14th. He believes the Book of Mormon is true that that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but he still needs to feel good about getting baptized. Another one we found this week, Walter, is already excited about HIS baptism on May 14th! We found him a couple weeks ago knocking doors, but didn't actually get to teach him until Saturday. Usually at the end of the lesson, we challenge people to get baptized when they know it's true and set a baptismal date as a goal to show their "real intent" (Moroni 10:3-5) but my companion surprised me at the end when she asked, "Walter, would you like to be baptized into our church?" and then he surprised me even more by saying, "Yes, I would. When?" Amazing! For Bahia to have 3 stakes, La Falda needs to be a ward instead of a branch, and that means MORE PRIESTHOOD. So we're convinced that someone (or lots of someones) are praying for more priesthood in the branch. Because all of our progressing investigators are men! And recently quite a few men have gotten baptized here. It's really great to see the miracles and the answers to prayers. So now we're helping Walter prepare for his baptism and trying to help Alberto get his spiritual confirmation.

Easter was fun, but mostly uneventful, like most holidays on the mission... just another day to work! But we did eat candy and smash chocolate eggs (the tradition here). The Holy Week was actually kind of disappointing, even though we live in the same block as a Catholic church. They walked around with olive branches LAST Saturday (not sure what that was about) but there were no palms on Sunday, no ashes on Wednesday and Friday just wasn't that good. (haha, isn't that "punny"?) I had heard it was a little more crazy, but I guess just not here.

I'm having a great time with Hermana Clark, but transfers are on Sunday so we'll see what happens... I really hope she stays one more transfer, we get along and work together well. But we'll know on Friday! Well, I'LL know on Friday, the rest of you will know on Monday.

Hermana Olsen (who was new when I got here...) goes home next Monday.
When we did divisions, I spent 2 days with her in Punta Alta (a city close to here) and she's so nervous that it made ME nervous. She leaves and then I'm in the next group of Hermanas to go... yikes! I see Hermana Tingey every once in a while and she's pretty freaked out, too. I've decided we're working too hard, because it just makes the time go faster. We need to be a little lazier to make the days go by slower... Don't worry, I'm just kidding. It's amazing how fast so much time has gone by, but I've loved it all (a lot of it I only love looking back :) and I'm excited to see what I have left to learn in these next 3 months--but get those raspberries ready for me!

Thank you all for everything you do! I got the letters from Mariah, Nathan, and Sam last week (is Joel too cool to write to me now?) and I'll write back on Monday. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Love,     Hermana LaPray

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