Monday, January 31, 2011

My how time flies......

Ok so I know I´m jinxing myself by writing this, but this is probably the last email you´re going to get from me in Mar del Plata... Crazy how fast the time goes! I feel like I just got here and Hna. Collette just got here and now it´s all ending so quickly. Hna. Wilding goes home this week and that´s crazy, too, because when she was my companion she still had a lot of time left on the mission... We had a nice, rainy P-day today which makes me glad I got all my shopping in last week.

This week we had the baptism of Tomás, Cecilia´s 9-year-old son. For some reason, he didn´t want to get baptized with them, but last Monday we were at a family night with their family and a member family that lives close by. We were teaching about the temple and how we can go there and we asked him if he´d like to get baptized on Sunday and he said, "...¡sí!" So we had a nice little baptismal service after church, it was really great! Now the family is complete. She still has 2 kids left, but they´re younger so they need to wait to get baptized.  I just love it when 8-year-olds get baptized!

Cecilia is doing really well. She gave the closing prayer after sacrament meeting and she was REALLY nervous but she did really well.  She is just so excited to be a member of the church finally and do everything that goes with that. She´s going to be so powerful in the ward.

This week we´re focusing (finally) on finding new investigators. We always get in the bad habit of forgetting about other people while we´re focusing on baptisms. So this week we´re just going to find a ton of people and take them to church! Last week we set a couple of good appointments and we´re excited to work hard this week (even though I still have something living in my stomach). It´s going to be a great week!

Keep enjoying your -15 degree weather. We´re still hanging out in the upper 20´s (Celcius) and it´s HUMID so I´m basically melting.

I´m sorry my emails are boring now. I don´t plan them out any more so I always forget what I need to write about... I´ll do better next week, I promise.

Love you all!
-Hna. LaPray

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