Monday, January 17, 2011

There's something SPECIAL inside of me!

January 10, 2011

Unfortunately, that something special is a stomach disease. We´ve had a pretty fun week talking with the mission doctor and doing a weird diet where I´m only allowed to eat bananas, rice and toast and trying to figure out what I might have. It´s like Bahía all over again! But I´m doing a lot better now and we´re still just getting the investigators ready for their baptisms.
The most certain baptismal date we have right now is with a woman named Cecilia. She´s so great--she´s wanted to get baptized for a long time now but her husband wouldn´t let her. She got divorced a little while ago and now she´s probably the best member in the whole ward!
She really wants to meet with ALL the requirements of being a member of the church--even though she´s not getting baptized for another week and a half! And she has some great kids we want to baptize, too. It might be a little trickier with their dad being against the Church and all, but I´m sure the Lord will soften his heart. The kids are so great, though. The oldest, Matias, is 12 and he´s crazy good at drawing, kind of like a little Josh. He drew me a picture of some weird alien guy who´s kind of freaky looking but I love it and I´m going to keep it forever. They all love to read the Book of Mormon comic book (except Matias, he´s kind of lazy, we´re mostly trying to get him excited about having the priesthood and getting to pass the sacrament) and they love the primary, so it´s a great start!
We´re working with a few other people, too, and some of them might get baptized this transfer. Mostly we´re just still finding new people to teach. By the way, Cecilia was a reference from a member. We´ve passed by her house a thousand times and we might even have knocked on the door once, but we didn´t know we really HAD to pass by until an hermana from another ward told us to--so give your references to the missionaries!
This work is so great and I´m so glad to be here. I´ve really learned a lot in this time, especially training Hermana Collette. The mission really is a special time and everyone should have this experience.
Especially 19-year-old boys! By the way, Andrew goes into the MTC on my year mark, and so does Hermana Collette´s little brother. Judging by Andrew´s Christmas message, he´ll be in an intermediate class and Elder Collette will just barely be learning Spanish, but still keep your eye out for him and tell him "hola."
I love you all and I hope you had a great Serbian Christmas :)


Hermana LaPray

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