Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello from Bahia!

January 17, 2011

So I´m in Bahía again... not transfers :) we´re just here for an Hermana´s Conference. We get together to paint our nails and sew and make cookies.

JUST KIDDING. We´ve had some pretty great workshops with President and his assistants and I talked to Hna. Detlefsen about getting to a clinic in Mar del, so it´s really good to be here. Right now we´re staying in a GIANT house the mission has and we got to meet every Hermana here in the mission--it´s pretty awesome. Now after internet we´re going to work in the assistants´ area and amaze them with our missionary skills.

Mar del Plata is still doing good. It rained yesterday, so half the ward didn´t go to church, but our investigator Cecilia still WALKED there with her FOUR young children. She´s so amazing. Her dad is visiting right now from Tucumán and he just got his gall bladder out, so he didn´t go to church with her yesterday but she said she´s making him go to her baptism on Saturday and he´ll go to church with them the rest of the Sundays he´s here. She´s just so great and so READY to get baptized! She´s a little nervous about the change, but she´s really excited to keep all the commandments. She really understands that the Lord will bless her for obeying Him. (Even her kids are telling their dad that they can´t drink coffee or tea any more :)

I am so glad I´m here in Argentina right now as a missionary and I get to see these changes in peoples´ lives. It´s so great to see the people who are searching for the truth be able to find it and come unto Christ. I´m so grateful for the restored gospel and the blessing it is in my life.

I´m excited to find out what´s wrong with me so the doctors can help me get better and we can start working all day every day. We still look for things to do while we´re stuck in the house, but it´s not the same as being out there with the people! Thanks for all of your prayers (and the letters! You´re the best!).

I love you all!

-Hna. LaPray

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