Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Short update.......sorry!

Sorry, I´m almost out of time, but I have a couple minutes for a short update.

First of all, the most important, WE HAD TWO BAPTISMS! I can´t send pictures right now, but I will. Cecilia and Matías (her 11-year-old
son) got baptized on Saturday and we are SO happy for them! They´re so great and so excited to be members of the church!

Now we have a few other investigators we´re trying to prepare for baptism and we´re always trying to find more!  This work is so great and we´re really having a great time here, learning a ton!

It´s still hot in Mar del Plata and the people are still NUTS (there are some crazies here...) but the work is amazing! I wish I had more time, but I´ve got to get going. I love you all, and remember to read the Book of Mormon every day (it really is true!) and share the gospel with your friends! They need it!

Hermana LaPray

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