Monday, February 7, 2011


It´s the moment you´ve all been waiting for... where in the world is Hermana LaPray? Well, SURPRISE! I´m in Puerto, Mar del Plata with Hermana Collette! President did some crazy things with the hermanas this transfer (closed an area and opened 2 new ones) and for once just left me alone! I am SO glad. And Hermana Collette and I really get along, so a third transfer together isn´t even going to be a big deal.

I actually think President left me here because Mar del Plata has the best doctors to figure out what´s going on in my stomach... But I´m really going to enjoy this last transfer here! And then I could even just go to another area in Mar del to die! (Die = go home, I don´t think this stomach virus is going to kill me, don´t worry.) Every companionship in the ZONE changed except for ours. And every other companionship of Hermanas. President just knew we´re so powerful together that he´s never going to separate us :)

We had a good week. We found some new investigators. One of them is a very interesting man. He´s a librarian and he loves to read and he says he´d like to know which church is true. He´s really taking a scientific approach into finding out if the church is true. He wants to study Joseph Smith´s writings to decide if he could be a prophet and read the whole Book of Mormon. It´s kind of funny to watch him think sometimes. In our lesson we focused on really feeling the Spirit and letting the Lord guide us in our decisions, not just thinking and studying. Both parts are important!

We´ve been working a lot more with the members, too. Having them give us names of their friends and then going to visit the friend WITH the member. (Actually, the visiting part is going to happen this week.) I´m really excited about it, especially working with the youth. My biggest regret is that I didn´t share the gospel more with my friends in high school and I don´t want the youth here to have that same regret, so we´re taking away their agency and going to work with them.
It´s going to be great! And I feel like it´s really going to help the ward and we´re going to have some great experiences with it.

It´s starting to cool down, so some cold P-day Hna. Collette and I are going to go to the beach to play frisbee. I´m REALLY excited :)

Well, I´m out of time. I hope everyone is doing well and sharing the gospel :)

Hna. LaPray

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