Monday, February 14, 2011

Special day!

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! I would like to spend a special greeting on this special day to someone VERY special... Mommy! Happy baptism day! Thank you so much for following the spirit and deciding to be baptized. You were a special miracle for those Elders who taught you, especially the one who baptized you. And you´ve been a great influence and example in my life. I just want everyone to know that I love my mommy :)

This was a good week with a lot of sun, I practically have latin skin now. Just that pesky hair keeps getting blonder... If I would just die it black I might fit in here! We´ve been enjoying the weather now that it´s not as hot and humid. We had a couple days of good, solid RAIN but now just blue skies and sun. Great for missionary work!

Elder Aidukaitis came again to the zone leader conference and congratulated us for how much we´ve improved, but warned us to keep going uphill. Our goals for this month are 1000 new investigators and 180 baptisms (as a mission). President is focusing on more meaningful prayer to recieve revelation. It´s really true that as we pray more (and really mean it more) that Heavenly Father will talk with us. I just wish there was more time in the day! This past week I have felt the Spirit much more strongly and I know it´s because of my increased communication with my Heavenly Father. He is ready to guide us and show us where we need to go, just sometimes we don´t take the time to ask.

This week we´ve been working with the Relief Society president to find the inactive women that nobody knows anything about. We´ve found some great incomplete families and more women who are willing to have visiting teachers. Some of these women don´t even know why they stopped going to church, they just missed one week and never went back. Luckily the Church is fairly organized and we can always find them :) I really liked the Ensign of this month. How much do we really FIGHT to get a less-active or inactive member to come back? I know I never did before. I didn´t even know they existed! So now I just need to be a better member for the rest of my life and really try to help our lost hermanos :)

The gospel is so great and so perfect. I´m so grateful to have the knowledge I do and I wish everyone could just understand how perfect it is! Some people just have a hard time seeing how much the commandments really protect and bless us, they just see them as restrictions. But everything the Prophets have revealed to us is really for our good and benefit. I really know that now. Share it with your friends! (Well, have the missionaries come over and share it with your friends.)

Andrew, have a great mission! We´ll Spanish it up when you get back.
See ya in 2 years! I also sent him something in the MTC, so could someone let me know if he gets it? And forward me his emails?
Guatemala is going to be so great, and you´re going to be an awesome missionary! Go change some lives!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Hna. LaPray

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