Thursday, August 26, 2010

The wise man built his house upon the rock.....

August 25, 2010

The wise man built his house upon the rock…..

This morning I was studying and I came across a scripture that made me laugh. Look up 3 Nephi 11:39-40, and then imagine the primary song if it was written like that. That is why I laughed.
We´ve had a good week. My stomach is getting better, but I still have to watch what I eat. It´s no fun! I want to eat everything! I´m losing weight, and the purpose of a mission is to get FATTER! But some day I´ll get fatter again. We´ve been going over the list of the members, and this week we had about -20 baptisms of people who have moved or died or just plain don´t exist. So I´ve gotta start getting to work to find some people to make up for the losses! We also had a Relief Society activity and it was really fun. We made blankets for a refuge house and it made me want to make my own blanket. So get ready, Mom, when I get home we´re making blankets! Also, we had transfers again!
My companion and I are still the same, but now there are only two of us in our tiny little house instead of 4. And now we´re the only Hermanas in the Zone. But with transfers, Hermana Seegmiller came to the other zone in Bahía Blanca!!! I got to see her when we picked her up in the terminal and then we ran into them today downtown. President Detlefsen wants us to do transfers with them once a month, too, so I´ll get to work with her! It was really good to see her.
I´ve also been reading the General Conference talks for "language study." I want more than an hour of gospel study every day, so I read the Ensigns in Spanish as an excuse to learn more during language study. Everyone should go back and read the talks from the last conference, especially the one from Elder Eyring. They´re so great!
This week we had an amazing experience in a lesson. We have an investigator named Luis whose wife died not too long ago of a brain hemmorhage. He´s been really depressed, and he´s looking for consolation, but he doesn´t know how to find it. The first time we talked to him, he wasn´t really interested. We tried to talk about the Plan of Salvation, but he kept talking about other stuff and asking us other questions and we left the lesson frustrated. After that I prayed my guts out for inspiration for the next lesson, and by the time the next lesson rolled around I hadn´t gotten anything. But I thought, "Oh well, I´ll do my best," and we started to teach. This guy really loved his wife. They were together for 60 years and her death was a surprise. He told us, "The day she died, she gave me her hand. I thought it was for affection. I didn´t know it was her farewell..." And then I started to cry. I told him that his wife didn´t want him to be so depressed. That both she and God wanted him to have consolation, but that he had to look for it. I testified that they can be together forever, but he has to be worthy of it. Then my companion testified of all of that. She told him that by praying and reading the Scriptures and coming to church he can have some consolation. Then we sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" and he offered the closing prayer and it was REALLY from his heart. We ended the lesson all crying, but the Spirit was there so strongly. He´s going to read the Book of Mormon and he´s going to pray, but he´s still afraid to come to church. We´re going to work with him more.
But this gospel is really what he needs. It´s what everyone needs.
It´s how we can deal with this life and all the challenges we have. It is everything. I don´t know what I would do or who I would be without it. The Church is SO true and it´s such a blessing. So appreciate it!
I love you all and I´ll write again next week!

Hermana LaPray

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