Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I REALLY need to come up with a new diet.....

So this week I thought I´d try the "pneumonia diet" again, but instead of pneumonia, a gastro-intestinal problem. It´s basically like the pneumonia diet, where I can´t eat a lot, but this new diet involves...not retaining what I DO eat (to put it delicately). So basically I´ve been between my bed and the bathroom all week. We went to the doctor on Friday and he gave me some medicine and told me I could eat white rice, white noodles (without sauce), white crackers, and polenta (this corn mash stuff--it´s yellow, not white). And I have to drink a lot of water. So I´ve been getting better, but I´m on this rice diet for a month and I can´t enjoy all the amazing food Argentina has to offer! I mean, what´s the point of being in Argentina if I can´t even eat the food??? Ok so I guess there are still people to teach here...
But we have gone out to work a little this week, too. And we found a new investigator! Her daughter is a less-active member who left the church because people said bad stuff about her behind her back. Gossip is probably the main reason people go inactive here, and it KILLS me.
This SHOULD NOT happen, but it does and it´s terrible. It seems like every time the bishop or branch president has to speak, he always talks about saying nice things. Remember: "If you don´t have anything nice to say, don´t say nothin´ at all!" But she says she still believes everything that she was taught, and she´s considering coming back to church with us. Her mom has a lot of interest in religion, but doesn´t like to commit herself to doing things... but they´re both great and I think we´re going to have success with them.
Other than that, life continues like normal. I wanted to send pictures this week, but this computer doesn´t have a USB port... So next week you can all see how fat I am getting. Or maybe I´ll start losing weight with my gastro-intestinal disease of death! Wouldn´t that be nice? Also, I turned 6 months old yesterday. Can you believe that? And today for P-day we had a zone activity and we had a little competition and my team TOTALLY won because of my incredible doctrinal knowledge. Ok maybe that´s a lie. But we did win and I did help!
Sorry this email is so short, I don´t have much to say this week! And don´t worry, Mom, I´m fine. I´m getting better every day. They always tell us not to write home to our moms when we´re sick, but MY mom is sensible and won´t freak out. Right? RIGHT???
Anyway, I love you all! Keep going to church and take a friend (you know, who hasn´t been baptized yet).
Until next week,
Hna. LaPray

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