Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We don’t have lights, we don’t have water, our pets HEADS are falling off!

August 4, 2010

Ok so our pets heads aren´t falling off, but we were without light and water for a couple days this week. Luckily, late yesterday afternoon our lights came back on and we could finally shower. The entire city of Bahía Blanca heaved a sigh of relief.
This week we´ve been finding new investigators! Which means we´ve been walking less and I´ve gotten a little fatter. But life is good. Investigators are good! We found a woman named Mabel and her daughter, Shilda. At first Mabel just let us in because she says she talks to every religious person who comes to the door. She said, "You´re people, too, and everyone forgets that!" So I´m glad that someone remembered that I´m a person, too... Seriously, it was nice. But we taught her the Restoration and she really loved it. She said her husband doesn´t like to talk about religion, but hopefully we get to meet him and change his mind. She also likes how nice and clean the chapel is on the outside and really wants to see what it´s like on the inside :) We will show her the inside of the baptismal font some day soon...
We also found a man named Juan Maria (Yes, Maria is a common middle name for men... it´s a Catholic thing...). His wife died 2 years ago.
He doesn´t go to any church, but he wanted to talk to us anyway. I still haven´t figured out why... but he ALSO loved the Restoration and wants to come to church because he doesn´t like being in his house (too many memories with his wife...). We´re going back to teach the Plan of Salvation and I´m REALLY excited. He´s a good guy, and he has a really nice dog.
We´re still working with Lilian, too. Her son turned 11 this week so we went over and had a little party. The problem is that she still can´t come to church on Sunday... She says she´s arranging her time (because she has to visit her husband in jail) but she does want to come to church and she knows she´s going to get baptized. We committed her to stop smoking and she´s doing GREAT with that. She really wants to be an example to her kids.
Also, the night the lights went out we were in a lesson with another one of our investigators. His name is Julio and he´s about 75 and VERY Catholic, so I´m not sure why he talks to us, either. His whole family are members except for him, and I think he really knows the church is true, he´s just afraid of making this change in his life. Well, usually during the lessons it´s very hard to bring the spirit because he likes to argue... But the lights went out right before the opening prayer and that was a great blessing. The whole family gathered together around the table and we prayed and sang hymns and bore our testimonies and the spirit was STRONG. We´re really hoping that will help him progress.
And also our whole house is sick. Well, my companion and Hermana Peña.
My comp. has a bad cold and Hna. Peña has a stone in her gall bladder... but she goes home at the end of the month and she´s going to be operated on in Perú. So the other day they were both really bad and we went on divisiones (sp?). The two sickies stayed home and the two... healthies... went out and worked. And we found a new investigator! But in the other Hermana´s area... But finding new people is still good, no matter what area you´re in.
That´s all I´ve got for you this week... I hope everyone is still praying, reading your scriptures, going to church, and paying your tithing! Have a good week!

Hna. LaPray

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