Thursday, June 24, 2010

We're All Wet!


We’re all wet!

We had another rainy couple of days here. And it really POURED. Luckily for most of it we were in houses, but when we were in the street we definitely got wet. And when it rains here, the streets turn into mud. I´m really grateful I brought these boots--I would be muddy without them.
We´re still just moving along in the work here. We got a baptismal date with Alfredo at the end of the transfer and he´s getting married soon. We also have a "new" investigator, Andrea. She was investigating the church about 6 months ago and really wanted to get baptized, but her boyfriend doesn´t want to get married. Now she´s thinking about separating from him and she called our branch mission leader to get him to send the missionaries back to her. She´s great. She reads the Book of Mormon every day and comes to the church meetings, but she still just needs to separate. Looking at her, you can just tell that her life is hard. Whenever we go over I can FEEL her need for love in her life... it´s very hard for her, but she knows what she´s doing is right and she loves the gospel. We´re going to continue visiting with her and trying to think of little things we can do to show her we love her. Guadalupe didn´t come to church on Sunday because they had a surprise field trip for work. But she wants to come this week! So we´ll see her on Sunday. One of the Hermanas in the branch called Alicia this week and asked her if she could bring a special treat for the men on Father´s Day. Brilliant! Alicia loves to do things like that, AND it´s a sure way to get her in the church on Sunday! We need to get her to stop working and cleaning and doing laundry on Sunday. She knows the church is true, but she just needs that extra push to get her going every week so she can get baptized.
We´ve also been working hard to find new investigators and bring inactive members back. We´ve had a few Family Night´s with inactive families and we´re working with them slowly to get them reading and praying together as a family. To me, it seems like those are the two most important things. If you´re reading and praying together, then you´ll want to go to church. And if you go to church then you´re not inactive! Ta-dah!
We´re still having fun here, too. The other night Hna. Villegas drew a unibrow on a piece of paper and put it over her eyebrows and I made myself a mustache and we had a little party. And then there was the time when we realized it was time to go to bed, and Hna. Kjar and I looked at each other, looked at the stairs, back at each other, and then booked it for the stairs. We tripped and tackled each other all the way up, but in the end I won and jumped in her bed first. We definitely have some good times here. And of course I´m still stuffing myself on facturas and empanadas. Today I ate half a kilo of ice cream and it was delightful.
I´m enjoying this work. It is hard, but it´s fun and it´s worth it!
I love you all!
Hermana LaPray

P.S. Someone needs to name their baby after me. Or if it´s a boy, name him Gus.

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