Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"We got my clothes back!"

June 2, 2010

We got my clothes back in the house! The door was stuck locked, but an Hermano from the branch came over and removed the lock, and I feel comforted knowing that if anyone tried to break in our door at night, they would wake us up. It was so LOUD when he was working on the door. But now we have a hole in the wall and no lock on the door... we have the outer portón and that has a sturdy lock on it, so we´re safe until we buy a new one. We close the door with a hanger to keep out the cold. We call that "Argie-rigged." And yes, Mom, all of my garments were hanging outside. Sometimes I wonder what the neighbors think: "Wow, those girls wash a lot of white clothes, but I never see them wearing anything white..." But everything is better now!

So Hna. Perkes died on Sunday (that means she went home) and now I´m with Hna. Sharla Kjar (pronounced like Care Bear minus the bear) from Centerville, UT. She was just training Hna. Tingey, so it´s fun to talk with her about how she´s been since the MTC. She has served in Mar del Plata and Bahía, and that´s all, so Tandil is a BIG change, especially our area. She´s been out for a year, and we think this will be her last area. Yesterday we had a cita out in the campo, and after that we walked through the campo to get on our colectivo, and she LOVED it. There were no houses and just a bunch of horses and she thought it was so great because it´s more "real Argentina". She´s starting to love Tandil like I love it :) But she´s really great and we get along really well. We´re going to have a good couple of transfers here!

Today for P-day we went to an amazing buffet and I put the Elders to shame with my eating skills. I warned them, and told them I would eat more than them, but they didn´t believe me. But then I showed them...And then we played pool and I humbled them again. It was a good day. We had a lot of changes in our zone. 4 new Elders and a new Hermana.
Everyone is great and we get along well and we have a lot of fun. The mission has been hard, but it´s a lot of fun, too. We make a lot of good friends within the missionaries and members, but among the people, too. I´m really starting to love it here. Good thing it´s a rule that we have to come home when our time is up, or I might stay :) Nah, I love it, but I know when it´s time to come home I´ll be excited. But I´m not quite ready to come home :)

We´re just continuing on with the work here. We keep teaching and finding, and I think we´re going to have a couple of baptisms this month. One of the members is getting married to her boyfriend, and once they get married he wants to be baptized. Alicia is ready and we´re going to challenge her again tomorrow. Mirian loves the Book of Mormon. She prayed about it and recieved an answer that it was true. She hasn´t been to church yet because her daughters have been sick, but she wants to come and she always tells us, "When I get baptized..." We experience miracles every day and I know the Lord really is directing this work. Thanks for the prayers and support, everyone! I love you all.

Hermana LaPray

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