Monday, June 28, 2010

I Miss the Days When Microwave Popcorn Was a Miracle to Me

June 24, 2010

I miss the days when microwave popcorn was a miracle to me…

This week was another good one. First of all, we had zone conference!
We learned a lot and laughed a lot with Presidente Detlefsen. He´s just such a great guy!

Also, I got the letters from Melissa and Mariah. They took about 2 weeks to get to the mission office, and about another week to get to me. So I guess that means it takes mail at least 2 weeks to get here, then it depends on the office Elders (and we all know that we can´t depend on those office Elders...). Also, Melissa say my English are deterorating. Is the truth? :)

So maybe you´re wondering about that subject line... well, let me explain. Hna. Kjar´s mom sent her some microwave popcorn a couple weeks ago, but none of the missionaries´apartments have a microwave.
But our Branch President has one. We went to their house to eat on Monday and she brought a bag for them. I forgot that microwaveable popcorn is not normal here... in fact, you can´t really find it at all. She explained how you cook it, they put it in the microwave...and watched. Very intently. On the first pop, the Hermana jumped and screamed a little. When it started to pop more, they started cheering for it and they were disappointed when it was over. Then they pulled out the bag and they were amazed it was all popped perfectly. It was just very amusing to see two grown people (especially the Branch President!) cheering for microwave popcorn...

We are actually working, too. We have two new investigators who I´m really excited about. Their names are Neri and Laura. Neri is in her mid-70´s and she´s very Catholic. Laura is her granddaughter and she´s 20. They both listened very intently in the first lesson and really understood the need for a restoration... that doesn´t happen a lot, really. That night, we had English classes and Laura came with her sister... usually people are afraid to come to the capilla alone, but they came! Then a few days later we had another lesson with them. Neri was in bed with the flu, but she still let us in to teach her. That was a little weird, but we taught them anyway. And I don´t have the flu. But we taught them about the importance of the Book of Mormon and Neri was excited to read more about Christ. She´s very Catholic, but she´s not afraid to read a book that isn´t the Bible! And Laura actually opened it and started to read before we even left! We´re going to see them again tomorrow morning and I´m really excited.

Also, Argentina won their game on Tuesday, so they´re moving on! They played during our normal tracting hours on Tuesday, so there were a couple hours we didn´t get into any houses or really talk to anyone...
and we could hear the game from every house while we were walking down the road, and we knew every time they scored a goal. Argentines are really crazy about their fútbol! But it´s fun to be here for this. Presidente Detlefsen hopes that both the US and Argentina lose soon because he doesn´t want any bad feelings between our two countries.
That wouldn´t really help the missionary work... haha.

That´s all I´ve got for this week! Keep reading your scriptures and cheering on the U.S. of A!

Hermana LaPray

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