Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Somebody still needs to tell me how Shawn proposed!

June 30, 2010

Yeah, answer that question in the heading! Ok so it´s more of a demand than a question, but do it! Especially if your name is Shawn.

Also, happy birthday to dad (today!) and Josh (tomorrow!)! Don´t have too much fun without me.

So we had a good week! As all of you should know, the world cup is going on right now, but I´m going to call it the Mundial, because that´s what they call it here and I had to think a long time to remember what it was called in English. And Argentina is doing VERY well. They have one all of their games. We went to centro of Tandil last week, hoping to get some contacts during the game, but we had no luck. We talked to maybe 10 people, but then the game ended and EVERYONE was out in the street celebrating. It was a locura (yes, that´s a word. One we don´t have in English. I think...). It was really nuts. Everyone was jumping and yelling and I need to take my camera with me next time to record a little and send it. Seriously, I´ve never seen anything like it. Everyone here takes fútbol really seriously. But I bought an Argentine flag so I could fit in. It was $10 and it´s HUGE!

Other big news--I ate peanut butter yesterday. Hna. Kjar´s mom sent her some. I didn´t know how much I missed it... unfortunately, it isn´t crunchy. But it´s still peanut butter!

This week we´ve done a lot of searching for new investigators who will progress... lots of people like to talk to us, they just don´t like to go to church... But we found someone really great a couple weeks ago.
Her name is Neri and she´s 76 years old and Catholic. She likes our church because it´s the closest to the Catholic one, haha. But we´ve been focusing on teaching her about the Book of Mormon, and she´s started reading from the beginning, and she really loves it. She said she doesn´t remember anything she read about, but she read 3 Nefi 11 and prayed about it and had the most peaceful, restful night of sleep of her entire life. She also said that she´s noticed she´s been getting a lot of blessings since she´s been meeting with us. She loves everything we teach, and she promised she´ll go to church as soon as she gets better (she has a bad cold right now and doesn´t want to go outside and make it worse. she´s old, give her a break!). She invited us in the first time because when she lived in England while her husband was stationed there in the marines, the sister missionaries were two of her best friends. So Sister Greene (and companion...) way to go! We´re going to baptize Neri the Argentine!

Also, we played soccer in the street with some kids the other day (ages 10-12) and one of them totally came to church and loved it. His Uncle is the counselor in the branch presidency, and I´ve got high hopes for him! His name is Nahuel and he´s 10.

Also this week we had a talent show for the district! They needed more acts, so Hna. Kjar sang and I accompanied her, I played a song on the piano, and I also sang. Haha. And now I guess all the members in the other branches want me to come sing in their Sacrament Meetings.
Sorry, I go to Rama 3! It was fun. There was a band that came and played some traditional Argentine music. I´m going to learn to play the guitar like them some day...

The work here is great. There really are people out there waiting for us, and we found one of them! Now we just have to go find the rest. It would be easier if they´d just line up outside the font, but then this wouldn´t be missionary WORK! So now if you´ll excuse me, I gotta get out there and baptize some people!

I love you all and I´m praying for you!

Hermana LaPray

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