Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I don't have a witty title for you this week, sorry

September 15, 2010

Another good week here. The weather is REALLY warming up, and I don´t want it to get any warmer. It would be nice if it would stay like this for the summer. I´m pretty sure I´m going to die in summer.
This week we´ve been changing up our investigators a little. Getting rid of some that aren´t progressing and trying to find new ones who will. And we found some great ones! Marlene, who let us in her house because whenever she passed "those boys" on the street (meaning the Elders) they always smiled and said hi to her (not common in Argentina... or anywhere except Idaho Falls). She wants to read the scriptures with her family and pray with them.
And Magalí and Martín. They are REALLY special. Magalí is from the Dominican Republic, and she listened to the Elders there and went to church a couple times... but that was about 20 years ago. She was working, cleaning a house in the other Hermana´s area when they knocked on the door. She told them, "I don´t live here, but please come to my apartment!" So they passed the reference to us and we found her! She let us in and told us that she had always gone to the Catholic church, and then she studied with the Jehova´s Witnesses, and then she went to an Evangelical (is that a word? it´s "evangelica" in Spanish) church, but she never really felt like any of them were right. When we went to the second lesson, we took a Sister from the ward for the lesson and it was GREAT. In the end, she asked us what happens to her family that weren´t baptized but have already died, and the Hermana testified about the spirit world and work for the dead and Magalí cried a little. Martín is great, too. He´s 11, but he really listens and understands well. He asks great questions during the lessons to show that he´s listening, like, "Why would God tell them not to eat the fruit if he really wanted them to?" Good kid... we challenged them to get baptized, and they´re going to! The 25th! We´re really excited for them.
Other than that, work continues as normal. We played futbol again this week for P-day and ate some choripan (bratwurst) with our district. I have a huge bruise on my leg, and I´ll send a picture that you can kind of see it in. We´re planning a ward activity for the week after General Conference and we´re going to invite all of our investigators and baptize them all. And then the rest of the people in our area. And then the rest of the city, and the rest of the mission, and then Argentina. Just wait, it will be in the Ensign next month. "Hermana LaPray and Hermana Acosta baptized the whole world this month. They broke some kind of record." Just watch for it.
I love you all, and I´m praying for you. Take a friend to a ward activity then give them a Book of Mormon. And befriend a less-active member.
Until next week,
Hna. LaPray

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