Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Me fui!

July 14, 2010

Me fui!

So I´m not in Tandil any more. Now I´m in Villa Serra in Bahía Blanca. My companion´s Spanish is perfect, even though she´s been out one transfer less than me. She´s from Paraguay. And my roommates´ Spanish, too. They´re from Perú and Argentina. I haven´t spoken English since Sunday afternoon. It´s a little weird. Ok that´s a lie, my district leader wants to practice his English, so I passed him the dats last night in English. We thought I´d stay in Tandil 1 more transfer, but we´re short on Hermanas in the mission, so we´re getting moved up to Senior Companion really quickly... I have a lot to learn, but I´ll learn fast and these will be some good transfers!

We had a good last few days in Tandil. One day we went to a little town called Rauch and helped the Elders make some contacts. And we found 7 new investigators in one afternoon. Seriously, we got in every door we knocked. It was incredible, and I decided I´m moving to Rauch. But not forever. Just while I´m on my mission. We got the call on Friday for transfers and they told us, "Pack your bags, Hermana LaPray. You leave on Sunday at 6." But not those words exactly, and in Spanish. And I said, "No way, you´re joking." And I thought my district leader was pulling my leg and I still kind of feel like he is. I miss Tandil, but I know I´m going to love my new area and I´ll never want to leave.

This area is even more villa than my last (villa=ghetto). There are even more dirt roads and more metal houses and more places where people will stab you and take all your money. But it´s good. I´m in a ward now, so that should be fun. My companion and roommates are really fun and they´re being kind and helping me learn Spanish by speaking it all the time. Ok so sometimes they know some random, weird words in English that their old companions taught them (like "thanks" and "I gotta go pee") but everything else is in good ol´ español! I´m excited for this transfer. It´s going to be great and I´m going to learn a lot! And now maybe I´ll have a funny accent when I call at Christmas:)

I love you all! And hopefully I´ll have more exciting stuff to write next week.

Hna. LaPray

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