Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hermana LaPray is better!


Well, I got over that little pneumonia phase and I'm back to normal life! You know, like going to class all day and eating sometimes and running around a tiny track for a little bit (by the way, did I mention that it takes TEN laps on the MTC track to finish a mile?
Yeah, fun....). But I am feeling better. Thanks for the prayers. I actually only really started going to class again yesterday (on Monday). Pretty much all of last week was sleepy time... so this e-mail is going to be boring. Oops, sorry! Hermana Seegmiller got a lot of personal study time while I was sleeping and probably went a little crazier. Also, that Get-Well card proved to me that Shawn and Josh are still alive... I guess I'm not too sure about Aubrey. So they better write to me or I might start searching for new brothers...
Better brothers. So anyone who wants to be my brother send in your application on The perks are great. You get to... tell people you're my brother and then see how jealous they look and you get to come to all our crazy family gatherings and we have a pretty cool TV at my house to like... watch sports on and stuff. So I'm expecting a lot of applications!
Um... anyway...
I got a great package this week from Uncle David's family! I guess he really does want me to gain weight because he sent me a bunch of delicious cookies... but I one-upped him by getting pneumonia. I actually lost 7 pounds on the pneumonia diet! (If anyone is wondering, the pneumonia diet is being too sick to eat for a week. I really don't suggest it.) But really, it was great! I also shared a lot of the cookies with the Elders in my district. I now have the favorite extended family because of all the goodies you send! Thank you all and I'm sending you a letter today so you should get that in a couple of days.
I also got a letter from Amy Watanuki... I do know who you are, Amy, and I'm writing back to your family today, too!
Also, the package from my mom was not as well-liked. I mean, the Easter candy was good, but the Elders didn't seem thrilled to share the tights. Weird...
So hasn't this e-mail been fun? Oh wait I forgot to talk about the devotionals. Ok well last week some guy came and talked about some stuff... and the same thing happened on Sunday! I was kind of sick so I didn't really take notes or pay attention... But stay tuned next week for some really spiritual stuff! (That's what missionaries do,
right?) I might also have my travel plans by next week! WOW! Time has flown by so fast. I don't leave for another 2.5 or 3 weeks, but it kind of feels like I'm leaving tomorrow!
Have a good week everyone. Keep those letters comin'! I love you all.
The Church is true, the Book is blue, Go... WEST VIRGINIA! (Can I say

Hermana LaPray

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