Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 13, 2010

Well, another week has come and gone, and boy do I have good news! A drunk guy in the street last night told me that somebody will marry me some day. So that´s a weight off my chest that I didn´t know was there! Hahaha... Other than that, I don´t know what to tell you. Nothing else is important! (Old men tell me this all the time... we call them "viejos verdes")
Oh wait, no, we had zone conference yesterday! That was awesome. I want to start by telling you a little about President Detlefsen. He is nuts. I think he and dad would get along really well. He is HILARIOUS. He´s always making jokes (and then laughing at his own jokes like they´re the funniest thing ever) and he´s always making fun of the missionaries. And everyone else. And himself. He´s definitely not what I expected a mission president to be like, but I´ve gotta say that I enjoy it. Besides that, he is brilliant and he has great doctrinal insights. Since he´s from Argentina, he really loves the Argentine people and understands how to work with them. And his wife is awesome.
She´s sweet and loving and also very funny.
Hna. Perkes and I gave a taller on asking for references and I think it went well. We had to prepare it the day before the conference, because that´s when we found out the assistants weren´t coming to give it, but Hna. Perkes is awesome and she put it together. The best part of conference was the food... empanadas and facturas! This might sound weird, but I actually haven´t gained weight since I´ve been here... Maybe I should eat more...
I feel like I´m really progressing with the language. I usually understand people (unless they´re really old or really young) and I can usually think of stuff to say back! But I still need to improve SO much. I want to understand everyone all the time and I want to be able to express myself all the time. I will keep working!
It´s starting to get colder. By "colder" I mean maybe high 50´s, but it still feels relatively cold. And it´s only going to get colder! But Summer will come. I just have to live through winter first.
We found a couple of new investigators this week. One family let us in just because we´re American but hey, we´ll take whatever excuse we can get! I really liked what Mom sent me from Hna. Seegmiller´s blog. Sometimes I feel like it´s true, that the people don´t really understand what they have. But our tiny branch has some really powerful members! They want to help the missionaries SO much but they don´t know what to do! Luckily I had Hno. Dallon in the MTC and he gave us a monton of ideas to help the members help us. We started the "Hno. Dallon" plan last week with the LĂ­der Misional and I will keep you updated on how it goes.
We were in the mission newsletter this week--393 contacts. 393 contacts and 4 new investigators! Whew! I heard that our area is one of the hardest in the mission because it´s harder to find people... That might be true, but it´s all I know so I have nothing to compare it to. Personally, I love Tandil. It´s a cool little city with wonderful people.
Since I just talked to you on Sunday, I don´t know what else to say! So I guess I´ll wrap it up and stick some pictures in here (I think I finally got them to work!).
One thing from conference that I really loved was when Presidente told us that even when our mission ends, it isn´t over. When we go back home we still have to share the gospel with other people. We won´t work in the same way or be as focused as we are now, but we still need to share it with everyone we can. It´s important to us, it´s essential for everyone. If we have this wonderful gift, we need to share it!
I love you all! Until next week,

Hermana LaPray

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  1. Hi Hermana LaPray!
    It's really great that you feel comfortable with your mission President. You'll definitely enjoy your time in the city, and hope you can achieve all the goals that you expected to achive before coming here.
    Personally, I'm having a wonderful time in my Buenos Aires apartment with all my friends.