Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Last Week in the MTC!

April 14, 2010

Hello everyone!

First off, I would like to know why Dad thought I was in the MTC for only 4 weeks! I guess time flies when you're having fun WITHOUT ME!

Just kidding, I still love you, but I have been here for 8 weeks and now I have....
TRAVEL PLANS! (Imagine those letters big and sparkly in your head.) I fly out of SLC on Monday the 19th at 8:33 am. And I get to Argentina at 7:45 am the next day. Yay for 23 hours of traveling!

What else to write... this week was great. My district is hilarious so crazy things happen every day, but if I just told you all the crazy things you would probably wonder if I'm even learning anything here...so I guess I'll try to avoid that :)

Ok so I'll start with one crazy story. We were practicing door contacts with one of our teachers the other day. There are two different phrases in Spanish, one of them is, "sin compromiso" (without any obligations) and the other is, "con permiso" (with permission). My companion wanted to ask the "investigator" if we could come in his house, but she accidentally said "sin permiso" (without permission). I think I laughed for like... 5 minutes after he slammed the door in our faces. It was awesome. Hermana Seegmiller is really great at Spanish, a lot better than me, that's for sure. Accidents like that just happen and I know I'm going to make a billion in Argentina!

Also, I saw Jeremy Clover last week. I've been trying to find out where he teaches for these last 8 weeks, and I finally found him! He actually teaches in a room in the building where I live... and I walk right by the door all the time! I was a new missionary host, so I brought one of his new students to his classroom and we both got excited and talked for a little bit. I should see him again this week, because I'm a host again and all of the hosts meet right outside his classroom.

The BYU Men's Chorus came for the Fireside on Sunday and it was really great. They are very entertaining and I love to listen to them. It was a little weird, though, to see some of my friends from BYU, haha.

Also, I would like to repeat that I LOVE THE RC! (Referral center) Yesterday, I talked to a guy named EfraĆ­n. He's originally from Guatemala and now he lives in Baltimore! He was very nice and he told me my Spanish was better than the missionaries he had ALREADY met (which I hope is not true for those poor missionaries' sakes) haha.

One of our friends here in the MTC is going to Baltimore, so I took down his address to give it to him.

Mom, the "bad things" about Argentina that the consul told us are that: 1. in Argentina we will see "real poverty" and 2. we need to always be aware of our surroundings, because it's not safe like the United States.

Also, I got a shot last Thursday! It was awful and I wanted to die, but only one Elder made fun of me (probably because only one Elder from my zone knew I was even getting a shot--I just didn't tell anybody). So that's where the $70 went from my bank account. I had to PAY someone to stick a NEEDLE in my arm, how dumb is that?

Well... next time anybody writes to me, I'll be in Argentina! If anyone wants to get anything to me, Dear Elder it before noon on Friday because I am leaving! Wahoo! Those poor Argentines won't know what hit them....

Me voy para la bella del sur!

Hermana LaPray

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