Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Call!

I decided to go on a mission probably around March; I could find a more exact date if I looked back in my journal, but I'm pretty sure March was it. I started my papers in Idaho Falls in June and they were FINALLY turned in on September 28th. Today (October 14th) my call came! I actually skipped out on about half an hour of my office hours, so if you are my student and you are reading this... well, I guess you just aren't very important to me! So I looked in the mail and there was the GIGANTIC WHITE LETTER! On the outside it said "Sister Samantha Nicole LaPray" (that's me!). Well, I had arranged with my family to open it at 6 and my wonderful dad set up a conference call so everyone could hear me read it. Friends from school and the ward came over and we crowded into my tiny living room and... (dun, dun, dunnnnn...) I OPENED IT! And okay, I know the name of the blog gives it away, but I have been called as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. My initial assignment is the Argentina Bahia Blanca mission. I report to the Provo MTC on February 17th, 2010 and that is so far away... BUT I know it will come soon!

For your enjoyment, here is Argentina with my mission outlined on it (don't you think it kind of looks like an umbrella?):
Here I am, waiting for everyone to get on the phone so I can open it.


  1. I think it looks like Texas. It might be a trick and you are really going to Texas.

  2. Dad, somehow I don't think it is a trick. Maybe it is how the letter says "Argentina" on it. You're just jealous, I know.

  3. Are you really 21 already? My goodness, just yesterday you were in YW. Congrats on the call!